Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fed up!

Many a times in my life I gave up,literally. Things turned completely black & white when I could not find anyway out. I felt totally stuck. Yes,I did. I wanted freedom,I wanted to "fly" high & high & high. I wanted my space,at any price.

Phew! After shouting out these lines I'm feeling good,literally. "Aasmaan ko chhune ki chahat hi nahi,hum damm rakhte hain."
In these 28 years of my life,I've learned one thing,"have the most strongest faith in your own self."
Self is your only best friend.It never feds up.
"Writing" gives me freedom, my personal space & an internal satisfaction.

Fedding up is a part of life. Let it come. Enjoy that too.
Life's not a cakewalk(I've learned that). Life's about loving others along with one's own self. Whenever in life you feel you're're fed up,just get up & thank God cos that's an opportunity to find a new way & time to live on your own terms.
So now your new fed up shall be your new chapter to start fresh.

Hello fed ups!