Wednesday, 28 December 2016

It's all in the mind

Yes they say it & so much is inside my head too. We never see the world the way it is but the way we are. I argue with my husband a lot. We fight almost every day. He has his own opinions & I have my own. According to me he is wrong & I'm always right. Well,that's not an issue because this is what is inside my head & it's  perfectly alright to be right all the times. I still love him so much & the differences between us brings us even more closer to each other.

Anyways, I was talking about "mind" & "the stuff inside it". It's true that we see our projection in another person. We can never dare to judge our own self so we start blame game & titling others on the basis of our own experiences.

How do I look? What does she think about me? Will people laugh at me? These are not just questions but fear inside our minds that has captivated us all. Nobody bothers what others are doing cos everyone is busy earning,busy building their dream homes,planning a child,etc.

What others say about me has nothing to do with me. I've always lived a non-bounded life & whatever I need,for that, I usually go to my place of meditation & ask the Almighty. There used to be days when I was dissatisfied with my life,unhappy with people around me but a day came when I realised that every moment I suffered was because of me & in no time I then realised that everything was inside my head. I came to know that the real happiness lies inside my own heart & it's only me who can my own self contented & happy.

It's those unstoppable thoughts that create a situation favourable or unfavourable in front of us. We humans have the power to choose. It's up to us to choose a pearl or garbage from this world. Learn to choose not only good people in your life but good thoughts as well. Make your own choices, follow your dreams,don't look back. Exercise a lot,drink lots of water,run as much you can,explore your own self. This is what life is. Never underestimate yourself. Believe but believe hard. I know everything is possible & everyone can do it because it's all in the mind.
Good luck! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

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