Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Life after marriage

Today I'm excited to write my "life after marriage" story. Not many people know that I was never too happy whenever question of my marriage used to pop up. People around me only knew that I'm 26 & so I must settle asap.
My father had given me all the freedom & I had all the liberties to do whatever I wished. I had my own car, I had a job, I could spend as much I wanted, I was free to wake up anytime I wanted. I had my opinions & I had my anger too. I was a pampered child of my family. But at the same time I knew what I was supposed to do & what I wasn't.

Over the few years we got modernised,we started spending more than before,we had new cars but "Love marriage" was still a taboo in my family. Having a joint family of 18 members,we 9 cousins had our own rivalries but we still have a great bonding & love for each other.

Anyways, I was talking about my "life after marriage". Like any other girl, I too had dreams of a "prince charming". I used to imagine a very perfect life with my Prince. Even while I was awake I used to dream & get lost from the real world & one fine day I got married & this real world gave me a jerk & shouted "wake up!wake up!".

When I reached my new home I met new people, I witnessed new "rasams", new traditions & of course new locality. My life took a complete 360 degrees turn.
Life was not too juicy after marriage because people have a lot of "expectations" from especially new daughter-in-law. Life wasn't very smooth in the new place. I used to miss my parents,my job & my car. But there was this one man who stood by me through my thick and thin. He caressed me every time If i was in any problem.Time passed & I gradually started learning new things. I'm living a very contented & happy life with my new family.

There couldn't have been a better day than my husband's birthday to speak out my heart to him. He was like a pillar support throughout the time. He used to surprise me,give me hugs, & above all he believed in me. On 24th December is his first birthday after our marriage & I wanted him to know that he is loved by me to the infinity.

This real world may be harsh but he is the one who didn't let my myth break. After marrying him I believed in my dreams even more because I married my "Prince charming"  & I love my parents even more as they found him for me.
My "life after marriage" together with him got more lively & exciting. I still dream creamy & now I'm a pampered wife.  

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